Writeportunity Packages

Story Development

Writeportunity offers Story Development services for people who have a partial or completed work that needs further development in specific areas. This package includes:

  • Development Sessions
    • Block Option A: Three – Five Hours
    • Block Option B: Five – Ten Hours
    • Block Option C: Ten and Up hours

  • Plot Development and Character Construction

  • Review of Genre Motifs

  • Review for Overall Continuity

Beta Reading

The Beta Reading package is meant for those who have a complete manuscript. This package includes:

  • Two – One Hour Long Sessions

  • Complete Works Review with comprehensive notes

  • Qualitative Rubric including Review of Genre Motifs

  • Review for Overall Readability and Audience Reachability


The Ghostwriting and Transcription package allows clients to have Writeportunity take their recordings and notes and bring their story to life. This can be customized from the services below:

  • Ghostwriting/Transcription Sessions
    • Block Option A: Three – Five Hours
    • Block Option B: Five – Ten Hours
    • Block Option C: Ten and Up hours

  • Editing of Work

  • Completed Manuscript

A la Carte

A la carte options are avaialbe for customers interested in

  • Blocks of One Hour Long Development Sessions

  • Blocks of One Hour Long Meetings as needed to discuss project

  • Transcribed story from recordings

All package options include a statement of work providing deliverables for each portion of work and a meeting with Square Penny Publishing.

Kanise Marshall

Photo of Kanise Marshall

Kanise Marshall resides in Virginia with her daughter, husband, and small horde of animals. She enjoys writing poetry, romantic and supernatural fiction, and performing spoken word. Many of her poetry and spoken word pieces draw from her spirituality and her perspective on infertility.

Kanise holds a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and an MBA in Risk Management from Walden University.

My Writing

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After one failed relationship too many, Gale Marsden has finally decided that she will most likely end up alone. However, through a turn of events that includes her meddling best friend, a simple encounter with a handsome stranger will turn Gale’s entire world topsy turvy. As Gale’s new relationship grows, she discovers secrets about her life that shift her existence in epic proportions.